Favorite Books of 6th graders

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • College Weekend
  • Cryptid Hunters
  • Double Identity
  • Escape to West Berlin
  • Island Series
  • Kira, Kira
  • Loser
  • Love, Ruby Lavendar
  • Matilda
  • Maximum Ride
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
  • Saving Grace
  • Searching for David's Heart
  • Shadows Under the Sea
  • Snakehead
  • The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • The Outcast
  • Touching Spirit Bear
  • Warrior's Series
  • Zach's Lie

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hey my name is Ashlea and the book I am currently reading is Matilda. The main character is Matilda. Matilda's problem is that she lives in a family that doesn't appreciate her the way they should. The mother and father don't even pay attention to Matilda the way our parents pay attention to us. In the rest of the book my prediction is that Matilda will run away and her parents won't even notice she is gone. If you want to leave me a comment feel free to.



Kellsey F said...

Yes, she might run away but she might just find a new home. Do you wonder if she might just stand it through and just ignore her family. Hmmmm..... I wonder!!

Carsyn H said...

Ashlea, I have read the book Matilda and It is such an amazing book! Your prediction is sorta wrong but kinda right. She some what leaves home. You'll find out what happends at the end of the book( you should see the movie its almost the exact same thing as the book!


Jared W said...

You could be right, but I think that Matilda is a little small to run away for long. By the way, Mattilda is a very good book

Aubrey V said...

Ive read the book and seen the movie and your on track but did you ever think that maybe Matilda will forgive her family:)k ill be reasonable that doesnt really happen!!!!!but there are many things that you could predict about this book.Did you ever think that Matilda would find a better way to solve her problem such as living with someone new or maybe even living in a new place!Guess you will have to read and find out

ps.you picked a great book!

Jared W said...

You could be right, but I think Matilda is a little small to run away. By the way, I think that Matilda is a very good book.