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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Double Identity II

Oh my goodness!!! So many new questions have been raised in Double Identity. I'm dying to know what you think. Why did Bethany's dad change careers? Why does Bethany have a different last name than Elizabeth? Who is Dalton Van Dyne (the embezzler released from prison) and why is he important to our story? Who keeps calling the house and hanging up? How long are Bethany's parents going to be gone?? Wow, there certainly are a lot of things we don't know. Let me know if you have any answers, or if you have thought of any other questions we should be trying to answer!!!


Chelsea M said...

I think that the embezzler Dalton Van Dyne is the guy on the phone who keeps hanging up. I think Hilary (Bethanys mom) wanted bethany's dad to change careers so that he could help Elizabeth. I think that bethanys parents wanted to keep her safe from mabey the government because they might of cloned elizabeth and changed her name and the embezzler knows something about it. I cant wait to find out what happens next!!

Kyler O said...

In the book Double Identity I think that Bethany will find out that her parents had changed their name to Cole after Elizabeth died because they didn't want to be found. Maybe the accident had happened on purpose by some criminal who made it happen. Bethany's mom and dad might be in trouble with this person ,and the person didn't get what they wanted so they caused a car crash to get back at them. if they are found they will be killed, so this is why they left Bethany with Merly and said she would be safe with her.
Or maybe they just didn't want to have the same last name as Elizabeth after she died, because no one would suspect Elizabeth was there daughter after she died if they did not have the same last name. Also, people wouldn't ask questions about her and make Bethany's parents sad.

Christian R said...

I think Bethany's dad switched careers so he could study ways to bring people back to life.(elizabeth) I think that bethany's dad switched their last name because they couldn't stand having the same last name as dead elizabeth. Dalton Van Dyne was the manager of a bank who whas slowly taking money from the bank? I think that he may be related to Bethany. I think it's Dalton who keeps calling the house because if Joss' dad was the lawyer who put him in prison he m,ight seek revenge against him and want to kill bethany's family. I think bethany's parents will be gone for.....like.........EVER!!!!!!!!

Also why is Bethany not suppose to be alone? And who cares if she is..... obviously her dad does. Why is Joss not an olypic pro? Also why wasn't there anyone outside when Bethany left to go and see the memorial?

I think the book is awsome and very scary. I hope we read more than 3 chapters a day...i hope we read the whole book.

Also kieep on bloging people it's awsome.

#^Christian Ray^#

Carsyn H said...

I think Bethany's dad changed careers so that the police wouldnt charge him for his (daughters) death. I also think Bethany has a different last name because of maybe something the parents have done (crime), and that they have to have different last names to keep each child. I think Dalton Van Dyne is important because he's probably the person who killed Elizabith and thinks Bethany is her and is trying to get revenge for her putting him in prision, ( prank phone calls to know where she is living?) {maybe}. I think Bethany's parents are never going to come back to get her. Thats my thought of what the stories anwsers are.


Ashlea S said...

I think that Bethanie's dad changed jobs so he could change the family's last name and no one would suspect anything. I also think that both of the girl's last names are different because then no one could know who killed the Elizabeth and Thomas. I think that Dalton Van Dyne is a person tring to find out who killed the people in the car accident and he's improtant in the story because maybe he is going to ask Bethanie's family some questions. I think the person who is calling the house and hanging up is Dalton Van Dyne wanting to ask questions about the car accident. I am predicting that Bethanie's parents are going to be gone for about a year or maybe even longer. I know that some of these answers may be unknown but you never know what will happen next. I can't wait until we read more of the book.

Kalle W said...
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Aubrey V said...

OMG!!!!this book is full of adventure the dad probabally changed jobs because he knew the people at his work knew his real name and they would be able to tell the police about him.Bethany probabally has a different last name than Elizabeth because they are trying to hide from the police!! Dalton Van Dyne is a person that used to work with dad and they may have been close friends so that is why he quit his job then he had no money so he had to steal from the bank!It is important to our story because he probabally remembers Elizabeth and is looking for Bethany. One of my questions is why is he looking for Bethany I think he is also the one who keeps calling the house to track Bethany to see if she is still living with Myrlie.I think Bethany's parents are going to be gone for a long time because the mom is a phsyco maniac (just kidding)but she definetley needs a lot of help and who knows how long it will take to get her off of her phsyco path and straighten out her life

Aubrey VanderMoloen:0

Kassidy S said...

Bethany's dad probably changed careers because he needed to get away from the cops. Bethany and Elizabeth have different last names because if Bethany was found than they would not think that Bethany was an illegal cloon. Dalton Van Dyne is the person who made the cloon machine for that family. The person who is calling is Dalton Van Dyne calling to see if they will get a new cloon. I think they will never come back and the daughter will live with aunt Merly. Why does the mom cry less when she was younger? And sometimes she did not even cry 1 tear

hope you like the book so far please please please keep reading the book Mrs.Roster please please


Kassidy S said...

thank you for reading this book

Dylan H said...

I think some one will assassinate Bethany and Bethany will live because i think her aunt, Merley, will save her. I also think her parents will be killled by a freak. I think Bethany will find more about elizebeth and when her dad calls again she will ask about Elizebeth.

Mariana F said...

I think that Bethanie's dad changed jobs so he could change the family's last name and no one would suspect anything. I think that Elizabeth and Bethanie have different last names so that
bethanie wouldn't find out about Elizabeth. The guy that is calling the house is probably the guy that just got out of prison, hes probably wanting to ask questions about the car accedent. And the guy that just got out of prison has something to do with thier family. I think that Bethanies parents are going to be gone for a year or maybe even longer. Some of these answers maybe unanswered.


Brett U said...

In the book Double Identity I think that Bethany is a clone of Elizabeth. I think that because Bethany likes the same food as Elizabeth and Bethany and Elizabeth look alike. I think that Bethany's mom and dad drop her off at Bethany's Aunt because their running away for the police and I think Dalton Van Dyne has something to do with it. KEEP READING MRS.ROSTER!!!! Brett =)

Christy W said...

This book is full of questions i have the answer to many of them well at lest a predictions. i think why Bethany's mom is crying is because she misses Elizibeth . I also think Dalton Van Dyne is the one calling. I alsio think that bethany's dad didn't take Bethany because there are dtill things Bethany dose not know. I also thiunk the reason why Bethany's aunt said a different last name than the one she has is because maybe her parents were tring to hide from the law. Also I think that Bethany is a total clone of Elizbeth.

Kevin T said...

I think that beth's parents got involved with the law. The cops are hidding them to help them. Beth's dad changed jobs so he could not be track him. That is also why thy canceled there phones. I think Dalton is behind it. He might be tring to hurt Beth. That is why her dad said "You will be safe there." I think Dalton made tha "accedent" look like an accedent just to kill Elizabeth. He also killed her uncle but didn't care. He took the money from the bank to use as bail money to get out of jail. He found out the cops were coming to catch him for stealing the money so he hid it.
p.s. Ron Paul all the way!!!

Sophie G said...

What I think is happening in the book Double Identity is that her Aunt in the story is her real mom and her mom in the story is Elizabeth a couple years after she died and thats her old. Also I think that Elixabeth or her spirit is still around somewhere but I dont know where. Everytime I listen to this story it really confuses me and I like the challenge.

Sophie G said...

I think alot of you girls or guys should read the book The Princess & the Popper. It's a really good book for all of you teenagers out there. I love this book so much I read it twice and that shows how much I love it!!!!!You should really read The Princess & the Popper{Really Awsome Book!!!}

Brooke K said...

I think Bethany's dad changed carears because at his old job he would have been miserable watching other kids in the hospital like Liz was.I think that she has a different last name than Liz so that Dalton Van Dyne can't find them because he was the other guy in the crash.I think that Dalton is calling so he can find out if she is their to get her.I think Beth's dad will be gone until it has been after her birthday so her mom can see that nothing happened.
I want to know if her mom will stop crying.

Kalle W said...

Still an awesome book!!!!!! I think that this jail guy has real issues. I think this guy is tracking Bethany with Elizabeth's DNA!!! Maybe Bethany's family is running away from this person. But when Beth's dad told her that he was worried about catching up on her homework, I know that her mom and dad aren't going to be home any time soon. And not only that, I've realized that they(mom and dad with Bethany) don't talk very long on the phone. Really, Mrs. Roster do you think that something bad is going to happen to Bethany, I do.!! But, why are these people calling?????? Do these phone calls have to do with anyone in Bethany's family? Hopefully we will find out soon!!!!!!!! Oh, and another thing I think that Beth's "Dad" changed jobs to hide any records of Elizabeth. This seems really confusing to me but, everything is sad. Her dad makes almost everything sound horrible!!!!!!! I find this book interesting so, Mrs.Roster.......
DON'T STOP READING!!!!!! please?
Thank You for reading this wonderful book!!!!!

Sophie G said...

What I think is going on in the book Double Identity is that Dalton Van Dyne works for the government and he's the one who keeps calling and he knows something about Elizabeth and maybe he knows that Bethany's a clone to Elizabeth. Also her parents changed names so that the government will not find out about Bethany and her sister Elizabeth. I also think that Dalton Van Dyne,the embezzeller has something to do with the dad changing jobs so the government won't find out about Bethany.

Brandon H said...

I think Bethany is a clone because she has so many birth susifcerets and her dad is the guy that broke out of jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!