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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Myrlie's Questions

In chapter 22 Myrlie receives some mysterious items from Bethany's father. Tell us about these items and what you think they mean. Myrlie also mentions that she has some questions for Walter. What do you think she is going to ask him?


Christian R said...

I think that Bethany's dad is the embezzlor because tyhe of all the different birth certificates and the money Bethany recieved from him. I thinkMyrlie will ask walter if he was the embezzlor.

Sophie G said...

I think the items are just clues to lead Bethany of how Elizabeth died and if she's a clone to Elizabeth or not. These are from her parents that they sent to Walter so Bethany could see the items for herself to see if she can figure it out on her own that's why her dad isn't telling her anything because maybe he is being forced by the government not to tell Bethany. He's sending these things to Walter behind the governments back to look like the items are from Walter so the government won't find out.

Chelsea M said...

I think the money Walter gave Bethany must meen something. I think mirley is gonna ask walter why he has changed his name so much, and why bethany has to live with Mirley. I think bethany is gonna freak out in the next chapter. And posabley bethanys father did something bad so he has been changing his name a lot. I think Mirley is also gonna ask Walter how long Bethany is gonna stay there and where he is at.

Brooke K said...

I think that since Bethany has many birth certificates that her mom and dad have been running away for someone who has something to do with the car crash. I think that her dad is the embezzalor since he sent her two wads of $100.00 dollar bills.

Allie S. said...

Myrlie finds different birth certificates that say Betany Cole, Bethany this,and Bethany that. I think they mean that since Elizabeth died that they are using different names for Bethany so if something happened to Bethany Cole her parents will have another backup certificate! Some questions Myrlie might have for Walter is Why are there so many different birth cartificates? and why can I not leave her alone? so there are my thoughts and ideas!!!!

-- ~*allie*` --

Cameron H said...

I think that the items that Myrlie got from Bethany's father meant that bethany won't leave Myrlies house ever. I think that Myrlie will ask Bethany's father if he is the bank robber that they heard about on the news and in the news paper and thats why he's changing their last name.

Paris N said...

I think that the items that Myrlie got meant that Bethany would be staying there forever. Since Walter sent all the money, I think he might be working with Dalton VanDyne. I think Bethany's family had to move and change last names because her father was breaking the law since he is working with Dalton VanDyne. I think that Myrlie will ask Walter when he will come back, were he got all the money, and why he sent all the birth certificates.

Luke H said...

I think the mostly the money is the biggest part because it suggest that Walter might be the banker who robbed the bank and that money is stollen. Also the papers are so the cops cant search her.

Payton E said...

I think that Bethany's family is in danger. I think that to keep Bethany safe that they need to have her stay with Myrlie. I think that in case the "bad guy" does find Bethany and Myrlie that they can use these identities t stay safe. I think that someone was mad at Elizabeth and they will take it out on Bethany. I think that Myrlie will ask Walter where all the money came from and why do they need double identities. Another thing, I feel that Walter is trying very hard to secretly send her some clues to make Bethany understand. I really want to find out more about the accident leading to Elizabth's death and why her mother blames herself. Can't wait to find out!!!


Claire W said...

Walter sends birth certificates and a paper saying that Myrlie has the right to take care of Bethany. I think that Myrlie is going to ask Walter where he got those $100. If I could ask Walter something, I would ask why he even left Bethany there in the first place!

Tucker M said...

I think that all the legale forms where given to Myrlie because they are never comming back. Also I think that the money was there to support Bethany. I think this
because Myrlie is only a teacher and dosn't make much money.

Nicole M said...

Since I've already read Double Identity I won't give any thing away butit is really good. Don't stop reading.

Maddie D said...

Some of the items that Bethany's parents have sent her are 5 or 6 different birth certificates and probably thousands of dollars in cash. I think that they sent her these items because her parents might have cloned her but not Elizabeth and Elizabeth died on her 13th birthday and they probably didn't want that to happen to Bethany. They also might have done it without government permission. Now, the police, CIA, and others have found out and are searching for Bethany so they can run tests on her. That is why they sent her to live with Myrlie and Joss. I think Myrlie is going to ask Walter about the different birth certificates and why they are all in a different state and city. I also think she's going to ask him about why they asked her to keep them safe. I think she will also ask about the money and why they sent so much. I also have a question. Why did they only change her first name. The author said that the birth certificates had different last names but they never changed her first name. Why?

Kalle W said...

I still want YOU to read more!!!!!!!! I think that all of those papers were from earlier childhoods of Bethany. I think her dad sent those papers to hide any trace of Elizabeth or Bethany. I also think that her mom is at the "crazy people place" to brainwash her into thinking that there was no Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKY!!!! But anyway, those papers have all of those last names put by her father I think because he or Beth's mom did something illegally in all of the states on the papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mrs.Roster, what do you think is going to happen with Myrlie's daughter,house,or Bethany???? Really I feel kind of scared for Beth. Why you ask??? Because people keep calling Myrlie's house, her dad lied to her for the past 13 years!!! What else is going to be thrown at us by the author?!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?OMG!!!! But I want to know, why do all of those papers have differnt last names on them by the same person(Bethany's dad)????

KEEP READING!!!!!! please?!!?!

Love You All,

Ashlea S said...

I think the items from Bethanie's parents are just clues for Bethaine to realize that she is a clone of Elizabeth. Bethanie is probably finding more than she thinks with the items she found that belong to her parents. Whatever her parents are keeping from her looks like there is a pretty good reason why Bethanie's parent's can't tell her. I think that the money that Bethanie found with the other items is for emergancies but I don't know what else the money could be for.

Katie G said...

I think that the items walter sent were important because, that shows bethanys parents weren't planning on coming home any time soon.I know this because why would he send them anyway even if they were going to be home in a week or a year. I think the birth papers and other different papers that state her many names. bethany cole from riverside, Pennylvania- bethany ebert, born in Albuqurqe, new mexico, I think is elizebeth KRULL thats why theres so many differnt certifices. I bring the ? back you know when walter changed jobs? well I think that elizebeth keeps dieing on her 13th birthday and her dad kept bringing her back or in many peoples words "CLONEING" her and DUH! thats illegal.so he is the embezzeler.

Kelsey C said...

The items that Bethany got from her father were birth certificates that were Elizabeth's and Bethany's. I think that the certificates are going to be very important on how Bethany may lead to why Elizabeth isn't ever mentioned around her. I also think they are for information on why the girls don't have the same last names. I think that her father sent those birth certificates because he wants Bethany to figure out why nobody ever mentions Elizabeth and why nobody will tell her more about her. But in the end I think that Bethany will find out that her and Elizebeth are almost exactly the same person.

Taylor S said...

In chapter 22 Myrlie recieves 4 birth certificates and a wad of cash. I think the 4 birth certificates represent all of the times that Elizabeth has been cloned, and the wad of cash is money to help pay for the next time that Elizabeth will be cloned. I think that Myrlie is going to ask Walter if he will ever come back and why he sent the 4 birth certificates and the wad of cash.

Kyler O said...

I think that Bethany"s dad is a friend of Dalton Van Dyne and all the money is his. Walter may just be holding the money for him until he gets out of prison, and that's where all the money came from in the package.
Also Dalton van Dyne could be a docter alongside Walter, and when they got done cloning Elizabeth he was caught, and Walter was not. This is why I think that the family must be moving around ,and changing their name's so they won't be tracked. The money that Elizabeth recieved may be money that Walter was sopposed to pay Dalton Van Dyne for helping him.
The questions I think Myrlie is going to ask are, "Are you a criminal?", "where did all the money come from?" "How did you clone Elizabeth?" "Where were you?" ,and "Why did you leave?"
I think Walter was going to see van Dyne ,and give him the money that he owes him

Kalle W said...

Well in Mrs.Roster's 5th and 6th hour classes we have read more!!!! It is amazing about what's happening !!!!! Ecspecially with the money, and the fake identitys!!!! Please Mrs.Roster don't stop reading i love this book!!!!!! But I have a question. Who was the man that was at Myrlie's door? Was it really him, was it Dalton Van Dyme??? Why can't the cop that Jos know's give Myrlie, Jos and "Bethany" anymore information about the embezzlor???? We(as in Mrs.Roster's 5th and 6th hour class)already know that Dalton Van Dyme is in the neighbor hood. It is really confusing me. So Mrs. Roster do you think "Bethany's dad and mom will ever come back for her?!?!?!!?!?!?!? WOW WOW WOW!!!

Keep Reading! ~*Kalle*~