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  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • College Weekend
  • Cryptid Hunters
  • Double Identity
  • Escape to West Berlin
  • Island Series
  • Kira, Kira
  • Loser
  • Love, Ruby Lavendar
  • Matilda
  • Maximum Ride
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
  • Saving Grace
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Double Identity

We have been reading Double Identity in class this week. I'm curious to hear what you think so far? Tell about your thoughts, feelings, predictions, or questions. Be sure to read what your classmates have to say, you just might learn something you hadn't thought of!!!!


Kevin T said...

In the book "Double Identity" I think that the girl is a clone of Elizabeth and the parents programed her to work after Elizabeth died. I think Elizabeth died in a car crash with the uncle as the driver.

Brooke K said...

In the book "Double Identity" I think that since the book takes place a couple years in the future Bethany is actualy Elizabeth but, they have brought her back to life.
I think that her mom is crying so much since she thinks it is the past and thinks Beth is Liz.

Kalle W said...
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Kalle W said...

WOW this is a really wonderful book Mrs. Roster please keep reading!? I've read half of the book so far, but I want to know what happens at the end of the book. What amazied me about the setting of this book was that it took place in 2011!!! I also think that it was stupid to now just tell Bethany that she had a "sister" I mean if she had a sister why didn't they just tell her????? I also found that amazing that they waited for 13 years after she was told she was an only chid!! I like this book because I want to know what is going to happen! It was really sad when I had found out that her uncle had died in a car accident with Bethany's sister.

p.s. Keep reading!!

Payton E said...

I really like the suspencful book Mrs. Roster is reading. What shocked me was when I found out it was taking place in 2011. I believe, along with many other people that Elizabeth died sometime before Bethany was born. I remember Bethany's aunt saying something about them being sisters but also being only childs.

Chelsea M said...

Double Identity is a great book i wish i could know more! I wonder why Bethany's parents didnt tell her she had a sister? This book is so unpredictable!! I cant wait till when we read about Bethany meeting Jos!?!?!

Luke H said...

In the book "double Identity" I think she got sent to her aunts because her parents are going to try to bring elizabeth back to life
because it's in the future so it's probably possible.

Tucker M said...

I think that the book Double Identity is a verry goo d book
i think that is Bethany he has
Elizabeth organs in her, or that she is Elizabeth, or that she os a clone of Elizabeth.


Mariana F said...

In the book "Duobble Identity" I think that Bethanie will figure out why her mom is carying so much and why her dad stopped being a docter. I think why her mom and dad never told her about Elizabeth because they didn't want Bathanie to worry or think that her parents just had her to forget about Elizabeth. I still have no idea why her parents left her at her Aunt Merly's house. I kinda think it's because they didn't want to be their for Beth's 13th birthday because Elizabeth(her sister) died on her 13th birthday.


Ashlea S said...

In the book Double Identity I think that Bethanie is using Elizabeth's organs and kidneys because maybe when Bethanie was a child she had organ and kidney disease or something like that.


Christian R said...

Wow double identity is great and very suspenceful


Allie S. said...

In the book "Double Identity" I think reincarnation is happinging. Elizabeth is Bethany but from the past. I think this because that lady at the swimming pool thought Bethany looked just like a girl she used to know when she was Elizabeths age ( hint hint Elizabeth)

-- Allie

Tania L. said...

In the book "Double Idinety" I think that Betheny is elizabeths sister and how they are the only child is Elizabeth died before betheny was born and betheny's mom mistakes her with Elizabeth sometimes. Also bethenys mom does not want her to go to Clara MOuntian beacuase that is where elizabeth died in the car while her mom was driving and this is how it comes down to bethenys parents drivin slow to betjenys aunts house. this is what i think.

Skyler H said...

Today in reading I think that Joss will really like betany and become best freinds.

Ashlea S said...

I think that Bethanie is using Elizabeth's organs and kidneys because maybe Bethanie had a kidney and organ problem when she was younger so maybe thats why both of them are alike. In my opinion I think this a very good book so far in what we have read. I don't have a prediction right now.

Nicole M said...

I really liked "Doudle Identity" I've already read it so I won't say what happens but everyone has good predictions. I will say that there still are a lot of unanswered questions left to come thats all. keep reading it get's really good.

Aubrey V said...

The book Double Identity is great!I wonder what will happen is is gettind mysterious!Myrlie is hidin something I can tell by the way shes acting I too as many peoplethink that Bethany is a clone of Elizabeth.She said that people are always looking at her saying wow!!!you look so much like......Also Myrlie knows everything about Bethany and they cant just be sisters because sisters dont usually like the same things therefor I thin bethany is a clone of Elizabeth.

Boone said...

hello in the book "Double Identy" bethine is just finding out about elizibeth witch is weird i think.I think that jess is elizibeth and that bethine is a clone

Sophie G said...

What I think is going on in Double Identity is Bethany has been cloned to her sister Elizabeth and his parents are trying to prevent her death because they dont want the same thing to happen to her. Also I think that its not her real parents and thats only their spirits because they have already died and these spirits are trying to prevent Bethany's death.These are all of the thing I think are going on the book Double I dentity.

Mariana F said...

I think that Elizabeth and Bethanie have different last names because their dad probably doesn't want anyone finding his children for some reason.

Tania L. said...

think this is a good book but also i think it is Dalton that keeps calling the phone and hanging up . i think he is wating til aunt leaves the house to go and kiddnap beth. but also i think that beth and elizabeth are the same person.

Tania L. said...

i think we should read for one whole hour and get more into the book.

Tania L. said...

in the book double indeitny i think that who the are saying is beths dad is the guy whoo escaped from prison is who they are saying is her dad. Also i think that morey is beths real mother and elizabeth is beths cousin and jose is beth sister. I hope this book get bbeetteerr and bbeetteerr!!!!!!