Favorite Books of 6th graders

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • College Weekend
  • Cryptid Hunters
  • Double Identity
  • Escape to West Berlin
  • Island Series
  • Kira, Kira
  • Loser
  • Love, Ruby Lavendar
  • Matilda
  • Maximum Ride
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
  • Saving Grace
  • Searching for David's Heart
  • Shadows Under the Sea
  • Snakehead
  • The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • The Outcast
  • Touching Spirit Bear
  • Warrior's Series
  • Zach's Lie

Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Rain, Rain,Rain... Luke #7

Although light and heavy rain feel and sound different, I would rather watch a heavy a heavy downpour.

Light and heavy rain are very different. Light rain is quiet and makes a gentle sound. Heavy rain is loud and crazy with big puddles. Also during heavy rainfalls it usually floods.

Overall, I think heavy rain is totally awesome. There is so much you can do with downpours. You can watch the droplets fall from the sky and pound to the ground. Also you could ride your four wheeler through the deep puddles after the rain stops. Or if you find the sound of rain hitting the roof relaxing, and soothing, you could go to sleep with it.

On the other hand I don't really enjoy the light rain. First of all, it makes you wet with nothing in return. It is way to sneaky and sly because it just comes out of nowhere. Also I hate how it's so soft that you can't even feel it hit your skin.

In the end I would say these types of rain are quite different, but i just can't get over how much fun heavy rain is. Some days you just got to have some fun with it.

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